Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brownie No Eggs

I don't have any eggs in the house. After a week stuck and a little boy that likes hard boiled eggs they can be hard to keep in the house.  I made cookies last week at the being of our ice storm, but we are now going on 9 days of not getting out of the house.  I am really wishing now that I had taken the boys somewhere, anywhere, when I was able.  I thought that we would be back to school by now.  Last night when I got the "no school" text I thought I was going to cry.  At least today we have real snow, no ice, and the boys have been in and out playing in it.  Thank goodness I had the hindsight to buy saucer sleds back in October.  My boys are lucky their Mom is so smart, lol.  Anyway back to the beginning, no eggs.  I decided to spend some time, just a little (lmao), on Pinterest this morning and see if I could find a fun recipe that didn't use eggs.  I was surprised just how many there were, but some called for bananas or applesauce neither of which I have.  Then I found this gem Brownie in a Mug and the boys loved it....me to wish I had some ice cream.  Hummm maybe I can make some snow cream next.

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