Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Day

The boys were out of school again today!  They were excited, but I'm really ready to get them back to school and me back to work. So I decided today to collect my stock of spent candles, you know the ones with a bit of wax left at the bottom.  You just can't throw them away!  As of right now the house smells wonderful.  I only have 2 wicks, but that should be just about right with the wax I have.
Remember I said I didn't have much wick, well I found some old taper candles and cut them down. So far I've only used the one, but it looks like it should work. The other candle I'm making is in a giant coffe cup, colbolt blue really pretty. (It's in the bowl of cold water.)  You won't be able to see the layers, but it is gonna smell great!
Have a wonderful Monday and do something creative! 

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