Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brownie No Eggs

I don't have any eggs in the house. After a week stuck and a little boy that likes hard boiled eggs they can be hard to keep in the house.  I made cookies last week at the being of our ice storm, but we are now going on 9 days of not getting out of the house.  I am really wishing now that I had taken the boys somewhere, anywhere, when I was able.  I thought that we would be back to school by now.  Last night when I got the "no school" text I thought I was going to cry.  At least today we have real snow, no ice, and the boys have been in and out playing in it.  Thank goodness I had the hindsight to buy saucer sleds back in October.  My boys are lucky their Mom is so smart, lol.  Anyway back to the beginning, no eggs.  I decided to spend some time, just a little (lmao), on Pinterest this morning and see if I could find a fun recipe that didn't use eggs.  I was surprised just how many there were, but some called for bananas or applesauce neither of which I have.  Then I found this gem Brownie in a Mug and the boys loved it....me to wish I had some ice cream.  Hummm maybe I can make some snow cream next.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Day

The boys were out of school again today!  They were excited, but I'm really ready to get them back to school and me back to work. So I decided today to collect my stock of spent candles, you know the ones with a bit of wax left at the bottom.  You just can't throw them away!  As of right now the house smells wonderful.  I only have 2 wicks, but that should be just about right with the wax I have.
Remember I said I didn't have much wick, well I found some old taper candles and cut them down. So far I've only used the one, but it looks like it should work. The other candle I'm making is in a giant coffe cup, colbolt blue really pretty. (It's in the bowl of cold water.)  You won't be able to see the layers, but it is gonna smell great!
Have a wonderful Monday and do something creative! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Silk Wrapped Bracelet

Something new....I have been working a few new pieces during this extended President's Day.  LOL I know!  The boys were out of school on Monday and haven't been back yet!  My fingers are crossed for this Monday. 
I'm pretty lucky because the boys are 9 and 12, they will let me work in peace, mostly.  Except of course if they are hungry to thirsty.  But that is problem more time that most.  Don't get me wrong I love that they ask for these things, but am happy that they can entertain themselves.  
I have made a couple new jewelry pieces, but today I am just sharing one.  I am trying to remember my blog and add more to it.  So with no more fan fare here is a new bracelet. 
 This is a simple metal bracelet I have up cycled, a thrift store find most likely.  I wrapped it in a raw silk, beautiful and soft.  A lovely yellow, really quite a rich color, and black with an undercurrent of blue.  There is also a touch of purple, just a small stripe.  It is a little full of yellow on one side where the silk is a little thicker, still beautiful!
Hope you come by my shop and check out the other new goodies I have listed this week!
Happy Snow Days (lol)