Thursday, February 9, 2012

Z Box

What is Z Box?  Well it is an ingenuous idea over on Zibbet.  Ok so that didn't tell you much, but just wait I have more.  A group of talented artist and crafters have gotten together to make a box of goodies.  What's in the box?  Well samples, products that you can find in their shops, real handmade beauties.  Imagine the surprise and delight when you open one or send it as a gift.
This year I decided to do some different things to promote my shop, Lucy's Bead Studio, so besides joining Pintrest I joined the Z Box.  To get my jewelry into the hands of new people was a very exciting idea.  I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner!  I sent in a new line of button earrings, so fun to make and cute wear.  Hope to have some up in my shop soon.
Soon head on over and check out the Z Box on Zibbet.  A great way to dive into awesome handmade!
Thank You