Monday, January 16, 2012

The Chalk Board

So recently I thought I had a great idea...a chalk board in the boys room.  How fun right?!  Well, yes the boys love it.  The chalk dust I could live without, but my youngest will draw until there is no chalk left.  So a good idea with a little extra clean up for me, but overall fun.  We use it for our spelling and work wall words also.

Well the indoor chalk board was such a hit and the paint was alittle on the pricey side.  I decided that there needed to be something else to do with the paint, hummm?  I did think about little chalk boards as gifts, but then I had a light bulb moment!  Don't you just love those?

Here is what I can up with, and you know how popular the indoor room version was....well this was/is even more so!  So go out today get some chalk board paint, paint a section of the wall in your child's room or paint a board and put it outside!

 Here is what you need, for the outside version.
 Yes, you can read that and don't worry his brother got him back. :)
The boys spend alot of time out there, but the flower is all me.


  1. terrific idea! just read about this color chalk, no dust!

  2. That is a really great idea. The boys seem to be having fun with it, too.