Saturday, November 5, 2011

Soccer and book challenge

OK, yes that title does tell all!  I spent the day today with my oldest at the soccer park, about an hour from home.  The boys played two games, and even though they didn't win, I think they had a great experience!  Connor had so much fun and that is really all that matters.  We have one more game in the tournament, sometime Sunday.  I am looking forward to seeing them play one more time before we all start hiding in the house. :)

As far as my book challenge....well I only have 2 books to go!  I am currently reading a great author, Terri Reid.  I am reading the 5th book in her Mary O'Reilly series, all have been great books.  Like biting my teeth waiting for the next book to come out!!  And then when it does I am reading a book I have to make myself finish it as I look longingly at the O'Reilly book on the shelf.  Just saying hop on over to Amazon and check out her books!  Money well spent for a great paranormal mystery with alittle romance thrown in!

  I am not the only one with a reading challenge this year.  Both my boys have been doing an awesome job with their 20min a day challenge at school.  We are all doing a great job reading this year!

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