Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finished and a Sale

As you can see I have completed my book challenge!  Yeah!  What a fun ride it was; the challenge to myself to make the time to read.  OK so that wasn't all that hard, love to read...would rather read than anything else.  Don't get me started on what happens around here when I am reading a good book. (Nothing gets done and hubby thinks that is a problem, lol)  I know I will be doing in again in January and might even up the number of books.  Ahh wonder if I can count the one I am reading now?

Other news...I am having a sale in my Zibbet shop.  I have decided to have a new sale of some kind each week until Christmas.  This week I have all my bracelets at 40% off until November 19th.  Then I will put something else on sale on the 20th.  Not sure what yet. (Will not be earrings because of the great price they are already at.)  No coupon is needed just start shopping...percent off is already taken care of. 

Thanks....and remember I have been and will continue to add new stuff.

coming soon


  1. Go you, completing your reading goal! :D I've been trying to read more lately---much as I love books, I often have to remind myself sternly to stop crocheting or cooking and pick one up!

    And I love those earrings, what great beads!

  2. Thank you Kathleen! Sometimes I have to remind myself to put down the book. lol :)