Monday, November 21, 2011

The boy that made a wooden pig

It all started with a note brought home in a backpack.  All students have been invited to make an ornament for the First Tree in Nashville.  Both boys, my youngest more so, were excited about making an ornamnet.  The ornament had to be based on a favorite character from a book that they have read.  Very easy for my eldest, no question it was Greg Heffley, from Diary of a Wimpy.  He is quickly making his way throught the books and hopes that Santa will get him the lastest addition to the series.  (I know for a fact that Santa is getting it for him!)
Now, my youngest had a little harder time, not quite the reader that his brother is, but he is only 6.  At first it was a Thomas the Tank I tried to think of how he (we) could make a train; he changed his mind.  He wanted to make Olivia the Pig.  And so we did, hope you enjoy his ornament.

the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Ornament 
Finished Olivia Ornament
She is made out of a 6in table leg, bought at Home Depot.  O painted her and drew her face.  I glued a Coke bottle cap to make her snout.  He wanted her to have a bow and a tail, made out of pipe cleaner and hot glued it on.  Ears are painted felt.  She came out sooo cute !  O wants to make one for our tree!  So I'm off to Home Depot to get another table leg. :)


  1. I used to do this when I was teaching...great fun. My grandson also loves the Wimpy kid series and got the latest that he tried to read during Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. Thanks Barbra, both boys now want to make an ornament out of a table leg. Guess I know what I will be doing this month. :)