Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just saying :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The boy that made a wooden pig

It all started with a note brought home in a backpack.  All students have been invited to make an ornament for the First Tree in Nashville.  Both boys, my youngest more so, were excited about making an ornamnet.  The ornament had to be based on a favorite character from a book that they have read.  Very easy for my eldest, no question it was Greg Heffley, from Diary of a Wimpy.  He is quickly making his way throught the books and hopes that Santa will get him the lastest addition to the series.  (I know for a fact that Santa is getting it for him!)
Now, my youngest had a little harder time, not quite the reader that his brother is, but he is only 6.  At first it was a Thomas the Tank I tried to think of how he (we) could make a train; he changed his mind.  He wanted to make Olivia the Pig.  And so we did, hope you enjoy his ornament.

the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Ornament 
Finished Olivia Ornament
She is made out of a 6in table leg, bought at Home Depot.  O painted her and drew her face.  I glued a Coke bottle cap to make her snout.  He wanted her to have a bow and a tail, made out of pipe cleaner and hot glued it on.  Ears are painted felt.  She came out sooo cute !  O wants to make one for our tree!  So I'm off to Home Depot to get another table leg. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Washer Collection

Well I have decided to add a new collection to my shopI am adding a Washer collection.  Yes you read it right.  A collection I am making using washers from the hardware store.  I listed my first pair back in July and sold them. 

This is a very simple yet lovely example of how you can use a washer.
 I added this pair today. Love the copper wound around the bottom of the washer. 
Has yet to be added to shop, but will soon.  Love the little 'charm' accents.

So these are some examples of what is already in the shop and what is coming.  I have ideas for some bracelets and maybe a necklace or two.  Hope you like them and come by to see more of what it coming!  Thank you

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finished and a Sale

As you can see I have completed my book challenge!  Yeah!  What a fun ride it was; the challenge to myself to make the time to read.  OK so that wasn't all that hard, love to read...would rather read than anything else.  Don't get me started on what happens around here when I am reading a good book. (Nothing gets done and hubby thinks that is a problem, lol)  I know I will be doing in again in January and might even up the number of books.  Ahh wonder if I can count the one I am reading now?

Other news...I am having a sale in my Zibbet shop.  I have decided to have a new sale of some kind each week until Christmas.  This week I have all my bracelets at 40% off until November 19th.  Then I will put something else on sale on the 20th.  Not sure what yet. (Will not be earrings because of the great price they are already at.)  No coupon is needed just start shopping...percent off is already taken care of. 

Thanks....and remember I have been and will continue to add new stuff.

coming soon

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Soccer and book challenge

OK, yes that title does tell all!  I spent the day today with my oldest at the soccer park, about an hour from home.  The boys played two games, and even though they didn't win, I think they had a great experience!  Connor had so much fun and that is really all that matters.  We have one more game in the tournament, sometime Sunday.  I am looking forward to seeing them play one more time before we all start hiding in the house. :)

As far as my book challenge....well I only have 2 books to go!  I am currently reading a great author, Terri Reid.  I am reading the 5th book in her Mary O'Reilly series, all have been great books.  Like biting my teeth waiting for the next book to come out!!  And then when it does I am reading a book I have to make myself finish it as I look longingly at the O'Reilly book on the shelf.  Just saying hop on over to Amazon and check out her books!  Money well spent for a great paranormal mystery with alittle romance thrown in!

  I am not the only one with a reading challenge this year.  Both my boys have been doing an awesome job with their 20min a day challenge at school.  We are all doing a great job reading this year!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hey all you bloggers out there!  Sorry I have not been around in awhile, but as we all know life sometimes gets away from us.  :)  So to celebrate my back to blogging I decided to update my page alittle.  Hope you all like it, too.
I am happy to say that I will be selling my windsocks in a local store, very excited about that!!  I will pass on more info once they are in the store.  I am also going to be adding to my Zibbet shop.
  I have been thinking about reopening my Etsy shop, but am not sure about that one yet.  Thought maybe in the Etsy shop I might just do leather cuffs and some other bracelets.  Not sure what I want yet....just have to wait and see.
If you have any ideas or thoughts please leave a comment.