Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm sure many of you have noticed that my goal this summer has been to complete my reading challenge.  Well, I an a mere 10 books away from my goal and its only September!  I am so excited to have challenged myself and completed that challenge.  Not that reading is so much a challenge for me! :)   
I started not only for myself, but as a way to show my boys what fun reading really is!  Now they have a reading challenge at school and I am going to help them jump right in.  It is not so much about how may books they read, but more about the time they spend reading.  Now 20 minutes a day does not seem that much, but I am finding it to be a bit of a challenge to get them to read.  So wish me luck with my challenge, 10 books left, and wish me luck in getting the boys to read!

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  1. Go you! Both for almost meeting your goal when it's only September and especially for encouraging your boys to read. :D I've always been so, so grateful that my mom instilled a love of reading in me right from when I was a toddler. Books are amazing, and I hope your boys will warm up to reading soon!