Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hey I'm still here!

All though I do feel that I am talking to myself most of the time I do feel a need to sit down and blog a little something every now and again.  Well, this summer has been kicking my butt!  I forgot how busy I really am during the summer and now that I am working, even just part time, it sure takes alot of my time.  Not to mention how tired I am ;) 
So this summer has consists so far of:  reading,  working, scouts, and all the boys many other activities.  Mostly, that has been going to the pool and a movie.  We also went to Atlanta for a week, boy's Grandma lives there.  Fun trip, but I was glad to get home.
Our next big trip is to the beach sometime this month and we are all excited about that trip.  Then before I know it the boys will be back in school, mid August here in the South.
I have made some time for myself to make and add a few new items to my Zibbet shop.  Please stop on by and check out what I have.  Great Sale section with 60% off!!!  Many shops at Zibbet are having a Christmas in July offering.  So stock up early and get ahead of everyone else!  And Have Fun!!!!
New pair of earrings just added!!

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