Monday, May 2, 2011


This year I have added to an ongoing adventure, when Connor (my oldest) started the 1st grade he wanted to join Cub Scouts.  We had so much fun!  Now in the 2nd grade, he is a Wolf Cub, and I am the den leader.  I have enjoyed my time working with all these boys, all of whom go to school with my son...many in his class.  I never thought 10 to 8 eight year old boys would be such a handfull, but WOW!
Now as the school year comes to an end I have found myself as the whole Pack leader, or Pack Master.  What an adventure I am setting up for!  I can't wait.
I am ready for the summer and to see what this new Scout year has instore for us.  Of course my youngest will be joining this Fall and that is just another layer of fun. 

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