Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Piece

I try not to toot my own horn to often, but I needed to share this new necklace with you.  I was told this morning not to come into work, due to cutting hours...rain sucks!  So I decided to clean/straighten up my beading table.  It needed it badly!  As I was cleaning, putting away magazines and beads, I happened apon a picture that inspired me.  So inspired was I that not only did I clean up quikly, but made sure I would have time to create before everyone came home.  Namely 2 little boys who are very distracting! ;)
I got down to business and created a pendant that I just love.  The frog represents spring and the colors are just fun.  
Hope you all enjoy my new addition to my shop as much as I do.
Silver plated chain comes with the pendant.  I will happily make a pair of earrings using the yellow shell beads to go with your new necklace!  Just send me a note when you purchase the necklace. 
Thank You

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  1. That is an amazing store/ pendent. I think this horn needed to be tooted. Great job