Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Adventure

In my never ending quest to stay a stay-at-home mom I have stumbled upon a great thing.  Well it was really my hubby who saw it first, but he really would like me to be at home for the boys and at the same time we need to pay the bills.  Don't we all. 
I have jumped with both feet on the Herbalife wagon.  I have so far loved all the products that I have tried and am now selling!  I have more energy and get up n go than I have had in quite some time. 
I didn't feel a need to lose weight, but wanted to maintain were I am at.  I feel great!  All natural, low dose vitamins and a great shake in the morning!  I am ready for the day.  Please check out my site Herbalife and join me feeling good this year!

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