Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great Reads

Well as many of you know I have joined a reading site...check widget!  I have decided that 25 books is a good number for me, hubby thinks this is to low!  Well we well see.  I have already ready 8 of the 25 to read and wanted to spread some of my joy. 
I got my Kindle for Christmas from my Mom and have so far love every minute that I have spent reading on it!   I have been looking on the free and 'low' priced books, wanted to get every bang for my buck...or as it was Mom's buck!
I downloaded 2 books by Terri Reid, Loose Ends and Good Tidings, both were awesome!!!  I read both, each  in a day and a half.  The story moved along so smoothly and the chemistry between the characters is great.  I had to look online to see when the next book came out, that's how invested in the characters I became.
If you are looking for a great read you need to check out these books!  Amazon..Terri Reid  there are great and HIGHLY recommended.

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