Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cyber Monday

Well, I wasn't quite sure how Cyber Monday would play out.  I mean all the big box store were having all kinds of sales!  Little old me didn't even think about it, to busy thinking about getting some late Christmas sales.  Well not next year!  I will be thinking about Cyber Monday well in advance!  With not promoting I had 6 sales on Monday.  Yes they were all to one person, but not another Zibbeter.  Makes me happy to know that she came into Zibbet, found my shop, and chose to buy some great, fun earrings at an awesome price.  Thank you Sandi!  I hope to see her again in the shop.  Now I know that there really are shoppers out there on Cyber Monday and I need to spend some time getting to them.  Now I just need a little better planning for the holidays and be prepared for an awesome 2011!


  1. Congrats on the sale and food for thought for me~

  2. Glad it worked for you and you brought someone new to zibbet!

  3. HI! Stopping by from Link Love - looking forward to your return follows @ www.havingfunsaving.com
    Take care,