Saturday, November 20, 2010

1200 Fans

Well I have made it to the 1200 fan mark on my facebook page. Yeah, but then I got to thinking what does that really mean? Are all these fans really out there reading all my little post? I hope so, but not sure that is the case.
I like to think that everyone who fanned the page is still there seeing the new stuff I post and the short stories about the boys. I guess what I am saying is Thank You to all of you still out there in cyberspace along for the ride. I know that I have been enjoying seeing all that you have to offer. I have even made a couple of new friends thanks to facebook and the #linklove that is sweeping through.
I would like to give you all a chance to win something special. Your pick of any 2 pair of earrings or a bracelet from either of my shops. Leave a comment below, telling me what your favorite is. I will put eveyones' name in a hat on the 28 and let the boys pull out the winner.
Thank you to all the fans out there!!!! I could not have gotten this far with out you.


  1. Hi there! These are my favorites.

  2. I'm finally catching up! :P I haven't posted to my own blog in so long that's it's almost embarrassing!

    I absolutely LOVE the black onyx angel earrings 'cause they are so unique, darling and beautiful. I'd have never thought of such a fab use of beads/stones. Bravo!