Friday, September 10, 2010

Free Shipping

All earrings in my Etsy shop now have FREE SHIPPING. Come on by and check out what great earrings I have for sale.

I also have added some great seasonal windsocks, so much fun and what a great decoration for the season. Can't hate the windsock....looks great in the house or outside on the deck, porch, or the garden.

While I am tooting my own whistle; I have a great sale section in my Zibbet shop.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll see you on the flip side. :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cabinet pictures :)

The top did have contact paper on it and this was what was under. Must have been used as a stove in a girls room or something. Stained and drying
Set up in its new home. Hubby happy :)

New Cabinet

I thought that today on this lovely holiday I would share with you all another one of my passions. I love to find old furniture, something someone no longer wants, and give it new life in my home. Well this 'passion' as some draw backs...there is only so much room to put new stuff, LOL. I have bunk bed ladders that I use to hang my quilts on, a small farm house piece that a friend gave me, and my favorite is my dinning room table and chairs. I pick up the table and 2 chairs at a thrift store and ( after many coats of I had to re sand because I left the light on and it was covered with bug, yes funny now no so much then ) I redid it with a natural top and black legs.
But what I really wanted to share today was my small cabinet in the computer room. I picked up this piece at a local thrift store, one of my favorite places, and it was crying out for help!! I was using a wooden crate for the printer in the computer room, worked for me....not so much for my hubby! He told me that if I didn't fix it he would, which meant bring back that monster of a computer desk that I hated. So off I went and came home with this little cabinet and he just rolled his eyes. :) Well at least the crate was gone and the cabinet worked out great! Enjoy the before and after pictures. Well the pictures are in the above post, won't let me add pictures now that I have already written everything.

Enjoy and have a Wonderful Labor Day