Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello, sorry I haven't been around in awhile but school has started here and we all know how busy the first weeks before school starts are!!!
As you can see from my pictures, that are not in the order that I wanted them (oh well), we had a very large tree (dead) removed. My husband says it didn't even deserve the 'a' in dead! :) It was just 'ded', good old southern boy for you.
The tree was about 5 feet from the house and I couldn't even put my arms around it. I was starting to get conserned that it would fall on the house, right were the boys room is and that just wasn't working for me. Almost cleaned up, boy those logs were heavy. Or so I was told. ;)

What a mess!
As you can see the tree took out a pine on its way down and got hung up on it. The tree guy said in 28 yrs of tree work he had never seen a tree land that way. It is just balancing on the pine tree like a great big tetter totter. My husband says he is sooo glad I wasn't there when the tree came down, but I did get to see the results. Thank goodness the neighbor's house wasn't hit!!!

This picture really shows the dead tree and the pine, you can see the neighbor's house through the woods. The boys, husband and friend, have gotten all of the tree off their property and are working on cutting wood for the fire place. Can't wait for the colder weather, I love a good fire!
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  1. Hi Leeanne,
    I just came over from your site on Zibbet Community. Thank you for the great welcome. Love you Blog, don't you just love them, I have had mine almost two years now and love all the friends I've made there. Come visit sometime.

    I would have been worried about that tree falling too. Love trees just not close enough to hit my house.
    Will be seeing around the community and of course in the Wonderful World of All Things Blog.