Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Yard

All the feedback I got from my last post of flowers I thought I would share some more. For some reason, known only to Goggle Blogger, the pictures are not in the order that I downloaded?! The first is the blueberry bush in our yard. We , meaning me and my youngest son, have been enjoying the blueberries for a couple of years. The thing is I have NO idea were the plant came from! I know I didn't plant it and my husband and I had been in the house for years before it showed up. But those blueberries sure do taste good! Can't wait until July!

I have a lot of containers, love them, and with 2 boys, easy to take care of. I love the containers on the fence with the pink begonias. To the left are mini roses, yellow, but hard to tell in the picture.

Above more daylillies, I have more pictures to add. Pretty pretty pretty. I just love daylillies and boy are they getting ready to explode!
The pictures of all the trees is a yard picture. A lot of shade in my yard....keeps my husband's mowing down! LOL When the boys were smaller we thought about moving...finding a yard that would be more fun for the boys, meaning flat. But now that they are older the hillside and all the trees are an adventure waiting to happen each day!
What I didn't capture in the picture is the new 16x16 flat spot that my husband had made for the trampoline. Right now that is still a work in progress and with all the rain we have had it's a mud pit (another boy adventure!) That is a post for another day, not only do I have pictures but video too!
Hope you enjoy the trip into my yard, more pictures to come! :)