Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello and Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!! I know, I know, I have been lacking here lately! With the school year coming to an end and Summer vacation creeping up really fast I have let a few things slid! Sorry! But I have had a little time to looks at some great shops! I have decided to spread my wings alittle and branch out to some other sites that I am a part of. This week I thought I would introduce you all to a cool site on Zibbet! Everyone say "Hello" to Lindsey!

Lindsey runs the Precious Knits Shop, a really cute knit shop with some Rock'n stuffed animals, I always was a sucker for stuffed animals!! Lindsey tries to use recycled yarns whenever she can. Then she washes her knits in an Apple Soak and lets them dry in the sun, all I can say is "YUM." I can smell then already, to bad computer screens aren't scratch and sniff!!

When I saw this elephant I knew this was my Wonderful Wednesday shop, he is SOOO cute!Dino is really cute to! My youngest thought he was great!

I am love'n this bird, but there are many more cool animals in her shop! Please go by and check it out and imagine the great apple smells wafting from the computer!

Lindsey also has a great blog,

I think I might have to go back and drool over that cute elephant again! Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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