Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ahhh, Saturday I love Saturday. After a long week, last week of school for my boys here down south! My lovely husband told me to go out and enjoy the day, love that man! So I thought I would stop at Target, love Target, and them head over to the bead store. Not something I can do with the boys, trip always starts good but not even 5 minutes in I hear "I'm bored!" Not a fun trip, much better alone. As I was headed in that direction I saw the looming movie theater billboard! So, on a whim I decied to see what time Robin Hood started and as fate would have started at 12:30, it was 12:20. So I said "What the H... no-one whats to go with me I'll go alone!" LOved it!!!! In the mean time my husband was at home alone with the boys. :)
The guy with the skid stir showed up 10 minutes after I had left the house. Now...yes I did know he was coming and after asking my husband if he wanted me to stay, NO. I left. The boys, and yes that includes their father, had so much fun watching the man make a flat spot on our very steep hill. It really didn't matter if I was there or not.
We are now the proud owners of a trapoline...but I think that the boys had more fun in the mud and dirt. SO after a long day playing in the dirt and building a trampoline, that I can say I had nothing to do with as I was watching Russell Crowe, the boys are set for the summer!! Thanks Grandma!


  1. Such a great Saturday! Good for you!!

  2. Hi Leeanne,

    They'll have a wonderful Summer. Our Fantastic Four love their trampoline. It gets all their energy out!

    Hahaha and I can relate to your trips to the bead shop LOL. My children have to drag me out of there and I'd rather NOT take them with me.

    Happy Sunday! Shirley

  3. a mother of two small ones, I can COMPLETELY identify with this post!!!
    It is amazing what two TOTALLY different experiences you can have at the bead store and Target with or without them!!

    Hope you can come and 'Follow' my blog too at

    Thanks!! Lisa
    Handmade Jewelry Haven