Monday, April 26, 2010

New Stuff

Just thought I would share a couple of new thing in my shop! Lucy's Bead Studio I have had the pictures taken for awhile now, but just haven't had the time, I'm sure you all understand that (LOL), to post. I think the blue crystal bracelet and earrings would make a great Bride's gift or Mother's Day gift. I have all kinds of casual and fun jewelry that would make some awsome Mother's Day gift or even for that great teacher your child has had this year. Don't be shy stop on by! :0)
Eyeglass holder is so much fun! Love'n the colors!

I am a sucker for pearls and I love the blue crystal cube. Great looking pair of earrings, one of my favorite pair. But I find that everytime I make a new pair it's my new favorite and I want to keep them.....hummm guess that's why my jewelry box is full. Must Stop Myself!!! LOL

These earrings were named, in part, by my eldest son, Onyx Angels. He thought they were sooo cool and looked like little angels. Sweet

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  1. I love the blue bracelet and earrings. So pretty.