Thursday, March 11, 2010


The day started off to a bang @ 6:30. Now my alarm always goes off at 6:30 but I usually wait until my 4 year old get up...around 6:50. Hey those 20 minutes do make a difference. Got 7 year old up and at 730 left for school with Rex, the dog, in tow. He was going to the vet to be 'fixed'. After explaining this...I oldest says "Mom I didn't think boy dogs could have babies!" 4 year old chimes in with "Is Rex broken?" All I could really say was that "no boy dogs can't have babies but there needs to be a Mommy and Daddy....and no Rex isn't broken." Really wish I had just kept my mouth shut! :) 7 year old was happy and went off to school with no more questions....but the 4 year old asked questions until we got to the vet. Really it was the same question and we all know it "WHY??" yes that question. He even told him MOD teacher that the dog was broken and we where having him 'fixed'. Got to love those little boys.


  1. Rex is a stunner!
    Laughed at your boys with broken and fixed. :)

  2. Thank you Pat, he is 8 months and quite a handful but all fun! :)

  3. Hi Leeanne, Just started following your blog. Thanks for following mine (warmheartcraft). Your jewellery is exquisite. Janelle
    P.S Rex is too