Sunday, March 14, 2010

This beautiful, fun, and casual bracelet was added to my Zibbet site last night. I just love the colors. They remind me of the ocean. The green glass beads set off the hand rolled beads nicely. The handmade beads are so lite that it is hard to tell you even have a bracelet on. :0) This bracelet will look great with one are a bunch of bangles. A simple steel clasp ensures that the bracelet won't vanish. Please check out this bracelet, and more to come at my Zibbet site. I have decided that all the hand rolled beads will be on the Zibbet site. So please go and check them out, the colors, the look, everything about them is just so fun. :0)
Thank you

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  1. Hi LeeAnne! The bracelet is lovely! Just joined Zibbet myself, still have setting up shop to do, but it looks promising. Have yet to figure out if they have a hearting system, but I'll be sure to add you to my list if they do. :)